A Trip to Arches National Park

The whole family got together over the Memorial Day weekend. We decided to meet halfway between the kids in Utah and the rest of us in Colorado and New Mexico. So we stayed in Grand Junction, CO and did Arches National Park in Utah and Colorado National Monument.

We hadn’t done either of these before and were a bit skeptical if there would be enough to do in Grand Junction. But we really had a good time. We walked a lot. Hiked a lot. Saw lots and lots of pretty rocks and cliffs. We ate very well, too. We generally just looked like a traveling circus.

Here are some pictures.  (Sorry for all the vintage edits. I’m passively checking out some new software and techniques. So let me just make myself sick of it)

Ok, here are the pictures and commentary:

Bored of hiking pictures? Of course not! Also check out Day 2 at Colorado National Monument!

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