A Minute in Westminster

Palace of Westminster

These are just a few spontaneous photos I took while passing through the central part of the city of Westminster—nothing fancy. It was one of what are now many strange moments where I looked around me and thought, “Weird. I live in London”.

It’s incredible how small London is. Or at least how small it feels to me now that I’ve been here a while. Just taking a short walk from one random point to another odd one and you can see landmarks and buildings that are usually just seen in the movies. This part of town is full of them.

I didn’t capture all of them by any means. Just a few shots of things that caught my eye. Westminster Abbey is always photogenic. It’s incredible both inside and out. It doesn’t hurt that it’s the iconic setting of minor events like the royal wedding and Queen’s coronation—which may skew my favor for it.

Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey

The Palace of Westminster, or the houses of Parliament, is also an incredible building and somehow feels approachable (it’s not really). It looks so old and stately. It’s slightly disappointing when you find out how old most of it actually is. Like much of London, the original was burned in a fire and rebuilt anew later—in this instance, during the Victorian period—meaning the majority of it is younger than the U.S. capitol building.

There is no particular reason as to why all these photos are in the faded black and white treatment. I was just feeling a bit muted and melodramatic that day. This was back in February and the sun had just broken through the clouds, so it seemed an sensible way to show off the interesting light.

Anyway, if you’re my friend on Facebook you will have already seen the rest of these photos.  Though, in my head these photos don’t exist in the world until they’ve been posted to my website, so I’m doing that now.

// Blake

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