A Summer Minute

Today made it very clear that Summer is dead. I had to wear a coat all day. The clouds felt very heavy – but never broke. Just hung low to the ground and loomed with threats of rain.

This first London summer was fleeting – or at least felt like it. Like it only showed up for a couple weekends and one or two really hot full weeks that made sleeping miserable. But now it’s very clear that it’s on its way out.

That’s why I thought it would be a good time to upload a few photos I took on one glorious summer day at Kew Gardens. (Kew Gardens are essentially the botanical gardens and, of course, the former location of several royal homes including George III’s little Kew Palace.)

These photos have just sat on my computer staring at me with undeserved guilt. I was guilty because I thought, those are pretty basic photos, Blake. Nothing special. They say that the very first stage of a photographer’s lifecycle starts with photos of flowers and cats. Flower photos can be stereotypical. But you know what,? I enjoyed taking them. I restarted this site up again because I stopped enjoying taking pictures. So it seems fitting to start back at the beginning of the lifecycle. So here are some photos of some flowers, but sadly, no cats. Because I felt like it.

Because I felt like it. And I can do what I want.


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