Still Moving


The best photos are often the most fleeting, so I like to keep my subjects in motion as I shoot them—not too much, but just enough to keep their pose fresh and energized. I love filtering through all the photos from a shoot and seeing that one, perfect shot that happened in one split-second. This particular shoot was full of those one-click-wonders.

One-shot Magic Moments


There’s always a nervous energy in the air when I’m shooting a wedding—sometimes I wonder if I even feel more pressure than the couple getting married! Feeding off that energy is crucial to getting those perfect, one-time-only shots.

Shooting in Draper, Utah in the middle of a windy autumn day had its challenges, but the end results were fantastic.



Challenge: Design a poster campaign advertising a temporary art exhibit at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Exhibit: Bradbury Thompson. An exploration of commercial art.

Making it Click


Working with a large family for a photo-shoot can be tough sometimes because every member of the family seems to have their own agenda. I’ve found that as the photographer, it’s important for me to establish a rhythm with everyone in the group so I can coordinate the composition of the picture exactly right. Sometimes tapping into that rhythm means catching the family off guard with a few candid shots that are unplanned, but full of harmony.

One Minute Makeover


Digitally manipulating an image really gives me total control, and of course, with that comes a big responsibility to get things right. For this video, I wanted to show the process that happens between the transformation of one intentionally unflattering photo into a professional appearing shot.

Scaffolding Removal


A great friend of mine called me with a relatively big request. She had gotten married during the summer and was devastated that the location where they had held their wedding was under renovation. Much to her dismay, this meant that scaffolding alongside the building appeared in many of her wedding photos. I told her to send them over to see what I could do.