I take pictures.

Blenheim Palace


Blenheim Palace has long been on my list of sites I’ve wanted to visit during my time in England. We finally made it there back in November. One of the…

A Summer Minute


Today made it very clear that Summer is dead. I had to wear a coat all day. The clouds felt very heavy – but never broke. Just hung low to…

Cardiff Castle


I was going to title this post ‘A Trip to Wales’. But that wouldn’t be accurate because it was only a trip to Cardiff. Then I realized I didn’t actually…

A Look Into Kenwood House


On the same day as our visit to Highate Cemetery, we stumbled upon Kenwood House. Located on a hill overlooking Hamstead Heath – a massive green space in north London, it’s an…

A Walk Through Ham House


As I mentioned in my post about Manor Hill House, there was another stately country home near Richmond to see. Ham House is situated on the banks of the River Thames,…

Canterbury Cathedral

Time in Canterbury


Canterbury was the first away-day trip we’ve taken since moving to London. It wasn’t a bad choice, either! Being new to London means I haven’t really found a reason to…

Palace of Westminster

A Minute in Westminster


These are just a few spontaneous photos I took while passing through the central part of the city of Westminster—nothing fancy. It was one of what are now many strange…