I take pictures.

Scaffolding Removal


A great friend of mine called me with a relatively big request. She had gotten married during the summer and was devastated that the location where they had held their wedding was under renovation. Much to her dismay, this meant that scaffolding alongside the building appeared in many of her wedding photos. I told her to send them over to see what I could do.

Kinetic Typography: $1,000,000


What would you do with a million dollars? This was a question I asked myself to use in an experiment with kinetic typography.

Kinetic typography is an animation technique that combines text with movement. The manner in which the text is animated helps convey a greater sense of emotion that couldn’t be possible with simple, non-moving text.

I had seen kinetic typography videos done before using anything from movie quotes to song lyrics and decided to try my hand at it. Instead of finding material that already existed, I chose to create my own text by creatively answering a simple question.

Taming the Scene


Big open spaces outside can be pretty intimidating, but when the lighting’s just right, and the main subject’s positioned in the best spot, a really beautiful picture can come out of it. Some of these shots were taken in the middle of an open field with the plains spreading out into the background. I made sure to position the family in such a way that they would be cushioned—not overwhelmed—by the impressive background. I always want to keep in mind the importance of considering scenery, even as if it were an extra member of the family I shoot.

Family Landscaping


When I’m asked to shoot a family, I make sure to choose a backdrop that will be comfortable for the family, and also make for a great picture. Luckily, Southern Colorado is full of interesting landscapes and landmarks that can act as incredible frames for portraits.

My ideal shooting location is an environment that can hold its own level of unique artistry, but also compliment the main subject perfectly.

Light Painting


Light Painting is a method of photography that allows the photographer to choose exactly where they want the light to shine.

Taken in complete darkness (save the moon in some cases), the photograph is captured using a very long exposure. In each of the images above, the shutter was open for about 30 seconds. During those 30 seconds, I used high-powered flash lights to sweep across (paint) the subject matter. The camera picks up on the reflected light and pieces together the entire image.