I take pictures.

Mix and Match


I think one of the greatest gifts you can give as a photographer is variety. It’s easy to fall into routine once you’ve established photo-shoot setups that work, but in reality, it’s just as easy to break that routine. Every time I’ve remember how limitless photography can be, it injects more creativity into my shoots and I’m always able to try something new. For this shoot, different outfits on the subject meant I could mix and match different backgrounds and shoot setups and bring out true variety.

Big Moments Compacted


I’ve found that shooting just one individual person can often times be just as careful of a process as shooting a large group of people. Everything that I would normally have to consider with a large group photo gets compacted into one small frame. On the flip side, working with one individual means more time, and more freedom to collaborate and harness the subject’s creativity.

Up to the Edge


I love using the natural surroundings of a setting to frame a scene. Sometimes the trees, grass, and sky can form beautiful, natural borders that work even better than a picture frame. Sometimes I take the liberty to digitally enhance these borders by adding in a subtle darkness around the scope of the photo. The frame brings focus to the picture and draws in the viewer.

Subtle Elegance


When a family coordinates their outfits to be all one color, it can easily become a little cheesy, but for this photo-shoot it worked out great. Everyone dressed in dark clothing and it set a wonderful mood throughout the shoot. Set against a muted background, the family stood out really elegantly. A real harmony runs throughout each image because of all the synchronizing colors and subtle shifts in lighting.