Channing came to London to visit back in late February. It’s a shame I’m just now getting to post pictures from that time of the year. But as part of her trip we took the train for a quick trip to Paris. So here are pictures…from Paris!

We had already nearly worn ourselves out during the time we spent in London, so we ended up smack in the middle of Paris with very little energy. Perhaps we just used told ourselves that as an excuse to sit around and eat a lot while we were there. And eat we did.

Anyway, as usual, I was terrible at actually documenting the trip, but did take a few photos that I thought I would have fun with. Here is a mish-mash of photos that are not representative of what we actually did on the trip, but which do give a taste of what we saw in Paris and Versailles. It is all insanely beautiful. The photos aren’t, though.



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